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What is Microsoft Access used for?
Hi. I always see Microsoft Access among the programs in Microsoft office, along with Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and I was just wondering what exactly it is and what it's used for.
Posted On: February, 2021
Created By:
Member Since: July, 2018
NenitaP Photo
What are the latest fashion brands that are worth checking out?
I have been interested in checking out new fashion brands, but are at a loss of what some cool, new ones would be. Any suggestions?
Posted On: February, 2021
Created By:
Member Since: November, 2018
yui Photo
DIY Card Ideas
I just got a book on how to make pop up greeting cards at home. It's really been fun, especially doing them with the kids. We make 3D Christmas cards to send out. Any one else have ideas of cool DIY cards?
Posted On: January, 2021
Created By:
Member Since: May, 2018
koala_march Photo
How much do professional hockey players make?
I know it’s nowhere near what they make in baseball, basketball or football, but is it as los as say, professional Soccer? I’ve heard that some MLS players have to keep a day job to pay the bills, even though they’re professional athletes!
Posted On: January, 2021
Created By:
Ellen M.
Member Since: August, 2018
Ellen M. Photo
Good way to remove bumper stickers???
I want to put a bumper sticker on my car, but I also want to be able to take it off if I decide that I don't want it on there. Is that possible? Or is it like a tattoo for your car, and you can't ever expect to get it off.
Posted On: September, 2020
Created By:
Member Since: November, 2018
Sweeton Photo
Water Jetpack
There's a Groupon where I live for a discount on a water jetpack-ride? Either way, it looks pretty awesome, but it's a little pricey. Has anyone tried it? Worth the $149 (after discount)?
Posted On: May, 2019
Created By:
Member Since: July, 2018
Gkoi_ Photo
Tools needed for laminate flooring?
Hi Everyone. I just got a quote on how much it would cost to have laminate flooring installed in my living room - and I was floored! (no pun intended). I'd like to take this matter into my own hands, but I'm a beginner. The only power tool that I have is my drill/driver set, and I'd like to get the project done with as few new tools that I might not use for anything else for a long time. For example, I know that a table saw would probably be a first choice for such a project, but that's one that I'd prefer not to have to store someplace.
Posted On: March, 2019
Created By:
Walter E.
Member Since: March, 2018
Walter E. Photo

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