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Blog Archive: January, 2021

January 22, 2021

Scrapbook Ideas - Tips & Tricks To Save You Money

When you are considering scrapbook tools, scrapbook layouts, scrapbook supplies and scrapbook ideas any keen craft enthusiast will welcome any tips, tricks and general suggestions to help them create beautiful scrapbook page layouts especially if they save you money.With this in mind I have put together some of my favourite tips that I have picked up whilst realizing my own scrapbook ideas.- Everyone knows that scrapbook supplies can be expensive, quite often the items we purchase are not even used. More often that not, you will be able to find household items that do the same job and do not cost the earth. For example, instead of spending money on specialist sponges to apply ink to paper, try using a crumpled piece of kitchen roll.- Do not throw away the sheet that your peel off stickers are attached to. Instead use the left over sticky boarder as an adhesive to attach embellishments to your scrapbook pages.- Use empty jars to store your brads, ribbon, embellishments and other scrapbook supplies, not only ar...


January 15, 2021

Seven Questions To Help You Find The Perfect Metal Photo Frame

With the huge selection of metal picture frames available, sometimes it can be difficult picking the one that's right for you. To help you narrow down your search, use these helpful tips and questions to help you find the right frame quickly and easily. #1- Frame Budget: How much do I want to spend? If you're not sure how much you have to spend to get the type of metal frame you want here are some rough guidelines for different types of metal frames, based on a 4x6 size, that can help: * Under $10 - basic aluminum frames, simple solid brass frames * $10 and up - basic silver plated frames, decorative metal frames, steel frames. * $30 and up - decorative silver plated frames * $50 and up - decorative hand made solid pewter frames * $100 and up - decorative solid sterling silver frames #2- Keepsake frames: Do I want it to be a treasured keepsake? If you're looking for a quality metal frame that you want as a keepsake, then there are three types of frames to consider: silver plated frames, solid pewter ...


January 07, 2021

Fort Myers Florida - A Great Family Vacation Spot

The city of Fort Myers is located on the sunny southwest coast of Florida and is the perfect spot for a Southwest Florida vacation. This friendly city is an very accessible holiday destination serviced by the recently expanded Southwest Florida International Airport. More than 7.5 million people pass through its gates each year, coming from all over the world for the beautiful weather, world famous beaches and casual, easy-going lifestyle.Fort Myers was the site of an actual military fort, built in 1850 to defend the local white settlers against the unhappy local Seminole Indians led by Chief Billy Bowlegs. The Seminoles were eventually persuaded to move west and did so in 1858. It lay empty until 1863 when a small detachment of Union soldiers occupied it and held it until the end of the Civil War.Settlement gradually trickled into the area after the war, but it was not until the 1880s that a significant number of settlers made their way to the Fort Myers area. By 1885 when it was incorporated, Fort Myers was...


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