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The Internet is a great resource to discover hidden gems that may be hard to find otherwise. At Shop Smart Express, we're committed to delivering fresh information to our users by posting blogs and maintaining our member's forums.

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February 07, 2021
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An Introduction to Card Making Ideas

Author #1 If you are interested in crafts in any way then card making is an ideal activity to begin with. There is a huge variety card making techniques and ideas that will help you with your card making ideas.You do not need huge amounts of time and money to get in...

Blog Photo #2
February 05, 2021
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Garden Benches - A Perfect Patio Furniture Addition

Author #2 One of the best ways to create a warm and inviting outdoor space is to incorporate the use of park benches into your outdoor decor. Whether they are simple or grand, park benches send a subtle message to your neighbors and guests that you want your outdoor...

Blog Photo #3
January 22, 2021
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Scrapbook Ideas - Tips & Tricks To Save You Money

Author #3 When you are considering scrapbook tools, scrapbook layouts, scrapbook supplies and scrapbook ideas any keen craft enthusiast will welcome any tips, tricks and general suggestions to help them create beautiful scrapbook page layouts especially if they save...

Blog Photo #4
January 15, 2021
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Seven Questions To Help You Find The Perfect Metal Photo Frame

Author #4 With the huge selection of metal picture frames available, sometimes it can be difficult picking the one that's right for you. To help you narrow down your search, use these helpful tips and questions to help you find the right frame quickly and easily. #...

Blog Photo #5
January 07, 2021
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Fort Myers Florida - A Great Family Vacation Spot

Author #5 The city of Fort Myers is located on the sunny southwest coast of Florida and is the perfect spot for a Southwest Florida vacation. This friendly city is an very accessible holiday destination serviced by the recently expanded Southwest Florida Internation...

Blog Photo #6
September 09, 2020
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Shop Smart For Your Next Washing Machine

Author #6 Keeping your clothes clean is important, but so is keeping your wallet full. There are lots of washing machines on the market, ranging from basic models to washers so elaborate them seem more like futuristic computers than home appliances. If like me you b...

Blog Photo #7
September 04, 2020
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The 6 Very Best Hints For Looking Terrific in Pictures

Author #7 If you have ever looked at photos of your favorite stars and models and felt a hint of jealousy, then you most likely don't consider yourself as being very photogenic. You aren't alone. There are lots of people who look at photos of themselves in picture f...

Blog Photo #8
August 25, 2020
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Travel Insurance For Over 65s

Author #8 Whether it be due to retirement or just simply having more time over 65 year old are the most common people to travel however many find it difficult to find reasonable travel insurance as over 65s are often penalised and some travel insurance companies wil...

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